Full Name
Jennet Chow
Job Title
Co-Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop Shoes
Speaker Bio

Jennet Chow, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop Shoes, embodies the American dream of resilience, determination, and innovation. A second-generation Taiwanese-American, she stands as a prominent force in the fashion and footwear world. Her inclusion in Inc.'s 2021 Female Founders 100 is a testament to her outstanding achievements.
Ms. Chow’s journey began with her parents immigrating to the United States with little more than hope. In their pursuit of a better life, they began importing shoes to sell at local swap meets in Los Angeles. Through this experience, Ms. Chow developed a profound passion for fashion, business, and design, along with an unwavering understanding of the sacrifices and relentless persistence required to succeed in the industry.
She founded Evolution Design Lab (EDL), a tech-focused company revolutionizing shoe manufacturing, in 2009. With innovative software, EDL manages the entire supply chain, from design to production, ensuring safe and responsible production in collaboration with trusted factories. Staying true to her values of accessibility and sustainability, Ms. Chow created Jellypop Shoes, a brand that provides women and girls with comfortable, stylish, and affordable vegan shoes.
Driven by her humble beginnings, Ms. Chow is deeply passionate about empowering women, fostering accessibility to style, and giving back to the community. She actively supports these causes by donating shoes, mentoring fellow women entrepreneurs, advocating for increased diversity in the footwear industry, and championing the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community. She was also one of the ten founding members of Women in the Footwear Industry led by Diane Sullivan and Carol Baiocchi.

Jennet Chow