Full Name
Jessica Rich
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Designer
Jessica Rich
Speaker Bio

As a fashion mogul and self-made entrepreneur, Jessica Rich rose to notoriety after debuting her first collection, Transparent, in 2017. Named for the clear stiletto design, Transparent was created with the intention of providing an it-girl shoe that exuded confidence, independence, and encouraged those who wore it to be unapologetically themselves. In between modern design and unique artisanship is Ms. Rich’s stylish, chic, sexy, and wearable footwear, which has been worn and loved by high-profile celebrities from Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians to Heidi Klum, Sydney Sweeney, and Cardi B.
Since the brand's initial collection, Ms. Rich has built an empire. She continues to curate new designs, expand her business, and grow beyond a renowned luxury name within the industry — defining herself and her brand as an international sensation with loyal customers and admirers across the globe. In November 2022, she was awarded Footwear News’ Emerging Designer of the Year Award. Through the support of major department retailers such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, Ms. Rich continues to rise through the means of authentic designs, business prowess, tenacity, and social media savvy collaborations, such as the one she launched with Cassie in 2022. She is proud to represent Black footwear designers, with her mission being to push the boundaries of the fashion industry and inspire and encourage others, especially females living in America, to reach for their dreams and never give up.

Jessica Rich